Harry Grumbar

About Me

I'm a full-stack product engineer with strengths working in agile teams using industry-standard tools and libraries with over 9 years' experience building and delivering software professionally.

I have experience modeling complex domains for backend systems and a focus on testable and predictable code is core to my programming principles. I'm a strong proponent of functional programming in modern scalable applications and believe it results in fewer bugs, easier testing and more comprehensible code.

I've led small product engineering teams and have extensive experience with prioritising workloads, managing backlogs, and working collaboratively with product to effectively deliver working software.



May 2022 - Present

Scan.com provides an easy and simple service for booking a medical scan (MRI, Ultrasounds etc) and understanding the results. As a frontend-focussed software consultant my main responsibility was leading the process of converting designs into working web applications for the UK and US products.

I also contributed to backend functionality, working with Ruby on Rails monoliths and helped build the engineering team by designing and assessing techical challenges, interviewing candidates, and onboarding and mentoring new hires.


Co-founder/CTO / October 2021 - Present

Matchhaus is a network for sports teams. It allows players to plan and manage their matches, engage in team ceremonies, and dig into each others stats and performances.

I created Matchhaus as a side project with a friend back in 2019 and worked on it full time for a period of around six months. We've managed to accumulate several thousand regular active users, including a number of paid subscribers, and raised enough capital to sustain the product for the forseeable future.


Senior Software Engineer / May 2018 - September 2021

Bulb was a renewable energy provider that heavily relied on its technology to differentiate itself from the competition. Among the first full-time engineers to be hired I've built products serving millions of users as well as helped shaped the engineering culture while the company went though a period of hyper-growth.

A few of the projects and responsibilities I've been involved with:

  • Developed and evolved Bulb's core member-facing account products, with a focus on accessibility, security, and performance.
  • Designed and built a new business-critical payment system (Bulb Pay) to allow members to effortlessly make payments on their accounts.
  • Re-architected and designed new authentication infrastructure to allow members to access their Bulb accounts more easily and securely.
  • Built complex automation to improve revenue collection and keep member account balances healthy. These services involved processing large volumes of data efficiently and reconciling state changes between runs.
  • Been extensively involved in technical hiring and interviewing, and mentoring junior developers.


Software Engineer / May 2016 - May 2018

Working in a diverse team using multiple languages and tools I was mainly responsible for building web user interfaces for the principle products, "Pro" and "Direct", that serve the users of Goodlord, a platform for streamlining the process of letting a property. We worked in small squads following agile principles delivering fast prototypes as well as infrastructure and dev-ops improvements.

  • Built and maintained the core business logic and UI component library for both platforms in React/TypeScript and accompanying living style guide.
  • Made key architecture and library decisions to ensure that developer happiness was kept high and the codebase remains testable and maintainable.
  • Championed the usage of atomic and functional styles to help control the CSS footprint of our applications.
  • Participated in team "guilds" (Functional Programming, Front-End Dev, Testing, Dev-ops) that allowed us to learn alongside our colleagues and further our knowledge in the respective areas.


CFA Society UK

Investment Management Certificate / 2011

University of Bristol

Master of Engineering, Civil Engineering / October 2006 - June 2010

Skills and Interests

I'm a keen sportsman and particularly enjoy cycling, tennis, hockey and football. I love the outdoors; one of my passions is backcountry skiing & ski-mountaineering and exploring wild and extreme locations.